Alpaca DNA Tests

Our specialized DNA testing services offer reliable parentage verification for alpacas and llamas. By analysing genetic markers, we can confirm the parentage of individual animals with precision and accuracy. This verification process is essential for breeders and associations looking to establish and maintain high-quality bloodlines, as well as for ensuring the legitimacy of pedigrees. Explore our selection of alpaca (and llama) DNA tests available on

LAREU lama and alpaca DNA test

VHLGenetics offers LAREU approved parentage verification DNA tests for lamas and alpacas. These tests cannot be ordered through, but have to be registered at the LAREU-website.

After registering on the LAREU website, clients will receive a confirmation email from LAREU. This email contains instructions for ordering a sampling kit (buccal swab). Additionally, the confirmation email includes a pre-filled order form and barcode. Please affix the barcode to the swab tube and include the signed order form with the samples. VHLGenetics takes care of invoicing to the client.

Prices with LAREU order form:

  • Sampling kit – €3.50 excl. VAT (Austria, Germany, the Netherlands) / €4.50 excl. VAT (other countries), containing:
    • One swab per animal
    • Sampling instructions
    • Reshipment envelope
  • Parentage verification – €27.50 excl. VAT, containing:
    • Analysis of 14 ISAG markers (International Society of Animal Genetics)
    • Parentage verification
    • Transfer of results to LAREU database
  • Transmission of already stored DNA-genotypes to LAREU – €5.00 excl. VAT
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