About us

VHLGenetics was founded in 1986. Over the course of three decades, VHLGenetics has become renowned as  a market leader in the field of non-human genotyping service laboratories. Our tailor made solutions for large business-to-business organizations combined with in-depth technological and market knowledge contributed to global success. The organizations extensive expertise in DNA genotyping is very well reflected by the payoff ‘DNA is Our Core’.

VHLGenetics has the availability of state-of-the-art equipment, including capillary electrophoresis, rtPCR, KASP, Illumina BeadChip genotyping and Genotyping by Sequiencing using ApliSeq Technology. As a company with its focus on non-human genetic applications, VHLGenetics is used to work routinely with a wide variety of sample types, including blood, blood-cards, hair roots, tissue, (ear)biopsies, semen, seeds, plants, food, feed and many more.

Four laboratories

Our DNA tests are conducted by four certified and/or accredited laboratories located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Norway (joint venture), with the headquarters based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Collaborating with other distributors and strong partners, we extend our DNA testing services worldwide, ensuring exceptional local support.

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