Variety Check & Purity Verification

In collaboration with two other companies, VHLGenetics has developed specialized sets of genetic markers for variety control and purity verification across several plant species. VHLGenetics adopts a strategy of bundling multiple DNA tests into packages, thereby amplifying the potential for cost-effective genetic parameter determination.

Thanks to VHLGenetics, marker panels are now accessible for the variety control of every seed lot. This process stems from an extensive research phase, where hundreds of potential markers undergo screening across numerous samples. Consequently, a comprehensive database emerges, offering marker panels for a diverse array of field crops, ornamentals, and fruits.

Quality Control and Assurance of Seed Lots

Recent advancements in SNP markers have revolutionized seed lot quality control and assurance. With access to sequence information, marker panels can now be tailored to facilitate rigorous quality assurance and control protocols for seed lots. Our services extend internationally, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate these advancements.

Tracking and Tracing

The increasing focus on corporate social responsibility has driven the food chain to prioritize tracking and tracing. Recent strides in DNA markers empower clients to implement novel management systems for accurately tracking and tracing individual plants or seed lots.

Origin Verification

Origin verification acts as a safeguard for crucial parental breeding lines. Employing a DNA test with a specific marker panel enables the confirmation of product origin by genotyping a barcode unique to the breeding line.

Furthermore, the Marker Panels designed for Variety Control can also discern the percentage of inbred seeds within hybrid seed lots. This capability enables the fusion of Variety Control and Purity Verification with the examination of resistance genes.

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