VHLGenetics uses cookies to recognise you if you visit our websites. Cookies are bits of data which your browser stores on your computer, and which enable us to gather information about how people use our services so we can improve them and adapt them to suit your wishes. Our cookies provide details of personal identification. You can set your browser not to accept cookies.

We will inform you about the cookies law on this page as well and clearly as we can.

What are cookies?

Cookies are very small text files which are stored on your hard drive or in your computer’s memory. They are linked to the web browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on the computer you use to visit a website.

What do cookies do?

Cookies can be used to save your personal preferences, like language settings or font sizes, to remember what products you put in your shopping basket at a webshop or let you log in to a website faster by remembering your user name and pre-entering it.

Websites also use cookies to gather statistics about those who visit them, so publishers can see what parts or products are popular or help visitors navigate their way around or see what web browsers or hardware they are using, so publishers can continue improving their websites and tailor their contents to their user groups.

Cookies can also be used to build up a picture of your interests, such as by remembering what kind of articles you read or headings you visit. This helps publishers offer you relevant information, such as extra news articles on subjects in which you showed an interest before or ads which relate to your interests. So publishers can avoid burdening users with irrelevant advertising and ensure you don’t end up seeing the same ads or videos time and time again.

Do cookies tell publishers who I am?

No, definitely not! Cookies are held in your computer’s web browser, and are not linked to you personally: so they can only tell publishers what computers they are dealing with, not who is using them. Nor can cookies be used to get your personal data, like your e-mail or home address. So they have absolutely nothing to do with unwanted sales calls, spam or viruses.

How does VHLGenetics use cookies?

VHLGenetics’s websites, and use cookies. Many of these cookies are needed for our sites to work, such as by ensuring you can log in without having to enter your username and password each time.

We use other cookies for statistical purposes, like measuring how often visitors use our sites, what articles they like reading, what web browsers they use and what search terms they enter in their search engines to find our websites, so we can optimise and improve both their form and content. These cookies do not hold personal data, so they do not record who you are or what your e-mail address is.

Lastly, our sites also use cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies don’t record any personal data either, and are linked to your browser, not to you yourself. We use these cookies to use to match our websites to your interests as far as possible, and sometimes to remember that you’ve seen an ad already. So we can ensure visitors don’t see the same statements, time and time again.

Why should I allow cookies? 

Cookies help VHLGenetics improve our websites constantly. We use the users’ statistics we gather to improve our users’ experience and the quality of the content of our sites.

VHLGenetics’ websites could not work without cookies, in a number of ways. We use them to let you log in, for instance. If you disable cookies, some parts of our websites won’t work well any longer.

How can I reject cookies, though?

You can opt to delete cookies from your web browser’s settings completely, or only allow cookies which are offered by the website you are visiting at the time, so third party cookies will be blocked. Either way, these settings don’t then just apply to VHLGenetics’ websites, but to the Internet as a whole; and your settings will always be linked to your web browser. So you need to tell each browser and each computer you use what you want.

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