Collaboration Breeding Healthy Pets launched

On April 15th, we, in collaboration with Breeding Healthy Pets, launched a custom-made platform where Flemish dog breeders can order genetic tests. In the near future, Flemish purebred dogs will only receive a pedigree if their breeders commit to the genetic health of their animals.

KU Leuven, Ghent University, and the Flemish government organized an information evening for breeders to explain the latest developments in dog breeding. The project aims to improve the genetic diversity of purebred dogs and cats and reduce genetic disorders.

During this evening, our colleague Leanne van de Goor gave a presentation about the platform we launched, This portal site is specially designed for the project, where breeders can register their animals. The results of the genetic tests are shared with KU Leuven and Ghent University.

The ultimate goal of Breeding Healthy Pets is an adapted, sustainable breeding policy for each breed, with a selection tool for breeders. Puppies born from a genetically favorable parent combination will receive a DNA passport to demonstrate that they have been bred genetically correctly.

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