New DNA tests available in our CombiBreed webshop!

We are excited to announce the addition of several new DNA tests to our CombiBreed webshop, designed to help dog breeders and owners better understand and care for their pets.

Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (NAD) – Miniature Australian Shepherd (H289)

Neuroaxonal Dystrophy is a degenerative neurological disorder that can severely impact a dog’s quality of life. NAD is part of CombiBreed Australian Shepherd with test code H321.

Cardiac Laminopathy (CLAM) – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (H296)

Cardiac Laminopathy is a serious genetic condition affecting the heart muscle, leading to progressive heart failure. Our new DNA test for Cardiac Laminopathy in Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers is available with test code H296 and is included in package H570 (CombiBreed Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever).

DNA Profile Dog – SNP + COI + Diversity (H237)

Our comprehensive DNA Profile Dog test provides an extensive genetic overview, including a DNA Profile Dog (SNP), Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI), and genetic diversity (Heterozygosity). This test is essential for breeders who want to ensure the genetic health and diversity of their breeding stock, helping to maintain robust and healthy populations.

Body Size (5 variants) – Dog (H292)

Understanding the genetic factors that influence body size is crucial for breeders aiming to meet breed standards and manage size-related health issues. Our new Body Size DNA test examines five different genetic variants that contribute to a dog’s overall size, offering valuable insights for breeding programs.

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