Customised Projects

Our DNA tests and services provide the flexibility to run various DNA applications, whether as part of a specific project or as routine procedures. Below is a step-by-step guide:

Request a quotation

Complete our contact form, indicating the anticipated number of samples, the quantity of DNA markers, and the species of interest. VHLGenetics will furnish a project quote along with guidelines for submitting sequences and samples.

Marker and target sequence submission (optional)

Review quote and provide purchase order

Assay design (optional)

With the provided sequence information, VHLGenetics tailors the assays. This computational step is crucial for refining the project.

Sample submission

Samples usually consist of tissue, hair, blood, or buccal swabs, depending on the species. Other materials might be accepted upon sufficient validation of the sample type.
VHLGenetics can provide sample plates upon request.

Shipment of samples to VHLGenetics

Send the DNA samples to VHLGenetics accompanied by sample details, adhering to guidelines regarding the DNA quantity, etc. Upon receipt, samples undergo assessment to ascertain if further information or manipulation is necessary. For the initial batch of samples, it is recommended to include both a negative and a positive control sample.

Lab work (DNA extraction and/or genotyping)

Once the assay design and ordering have been finalised and samples are available, the laboratory procedures will commence.

Delivery of results and report

The results may encompass genotype data and/or extracted DNA. If required, data will be analysed, and genotype calls will be generated using our software. The genotypes will be furnished to the customer in Excel format, with alternative file formats available if applicable. Upon request, extracted DNA can be dispatched or returned.

More information

If you have questions or would like to start a project, please contact us.

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