DNA Extraction

VHLGenetics provides comprehensive genotyping solutions, encompassing DNA extraction services tailored to various project requirements. Clients have the flexibility to opt for DNA extraction either as part of their genotyping project or as a standalone service.

Our DNA extraction services cater to diverse needs, offering two distinct protocols. The first protocol is specifically designed for basic genotyping applications, including KASP (SNP), fragment analysis (VNTR), and TaqMan (qPCR, SNP). On the other hand, our advanced protocol is finely tuned for sophisticated methodologies like genotyping-by-sequencing or BeadChip analysis.

Additionally, VHLGenetics offer supplementary treatments such as RNAse treatment and normalization upon request, ensuring the extracted DNA meets the highest quality standards. Clients can submit various raw materials, such as seeds, leaves, and receive 96-well plates containing the extracted DNA, facilitating seamless integration into their research workflows.

More information

Interested in learning more about the possibilities of our DNA extraction services? Feel free to contact us for further information and inquiries.

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