New DNA test: Early Onset Muscle Weakness Syndrome (MW) in Holstein Cattle

Early Onset Muscle Weakness Syndrome (MW) is a genetic disorder observed in Holstein cattle, characterized by the early onset of progressive muscle weakness and associated clinical symptoms. This condition affects the cattle’s ability to move and grow normally, leading to significant health issues and economic losses in the dairy industry.

Symptoms typically appear within the first few weeks to months of life. Calves may exhibit signs of muscle weakness shortly after birth. Affected calves show generalized muscle weakness, which can impair their ability to stand, walk, and suckle effectively.

Early detection and management of MW in Holstein cattle are crucial for maintaining herd health and productivity. Ongoing research and advancements in genetic testing are essential to better understand and mitigate the impact of this syndrome on the dairy industry.

This DNA test is now available with test code R361.

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