R202 Maternity Verification – Cattle

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 41,- ex. VAT
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Breed:  All Breeds
Sample material:  Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Hair, Semen, Tissue


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This product includes maternity verification and DNA profiling of the offspring. If the DNA profile of the (expected) mother is unavailable, a separate DNA profile needs to be ordered.

A DNA profile is established using DNA markers. The profile from each sample is stored in a database and can be represented as a barcode, which is unique to each individual. This DNA profile serves the purpose of parentage verification, involving a comparison of the genetic information present in an offspring with that of the potential parents. For accurate parentage verification, all genetic information in the offspring must be traceable to the combination of the dam and the sire. In the majority of cases, the reliability of this analysis exceeds 99.5 percent.


Organ: NVT