R901 Coat Colour Black/Red (MC1R – Telstar) – Holstein

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Breed:  Holstein
Sample material:  Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Hair, Semen, Tissue


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Coat colour in cattle is controlled by a wide range of different genes working together. These genes are often referred to as ‘loci’. The Extension, or E-Locus, corresponds to the gene ‘melanocortin 1 receptor’ (MC1R), which is involved in the regulation of pigment production. Mutations on the E-Locus often result in a red coat colour in affected animals.

This specific test analyses the variant mutation designated as E^BR, also known as the Telstar Factor.


Chromosome: 18

Gene: MC1R

Mode of Inheritance: Autosomal

Also known as: MC1-R, MSH, HBR, HHR

Organ: Integumentary system

Sub-organ: Hair


Clinical Features

In contrast to more typical red cattle (e/e), which are born red and remain that way, cattle affected by E^BR will be born red, but turn black within the first year of life.


Omia: 1199