S309 Resistance to Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP Resistance)

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Breed:  All Breeds
Sample material:  Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin, Semen, Swab, Tissue


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Ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP), or maedi-visna, is a chronic disease of sheep due to lentiviruses. The virus has a long incubation time and high mortality rate, and no effective vaccine or treatment against it currently exists. However, some sheep have been found to have genetic resistance against the disease, which can dramatically improve survival rates. The test offered here is for a variant of the gene TMEM154. Sheep homozygous for this variant, which can found among all breeds, have been demonstrated to be less susceptible to infection.

The related disease in goats is referred to as caprine arthritis and encephalitis (CAE).


Chromosome: 17

Gene: TMEM154

Mode of Inheritance: Multifactorial

Also known as: MV

Organ: Multiple systems


Year published: 2012

Clinical Features

Resistant sheep are less likely to catch OPP, and will recover from it faster.

Additional information

The disease is of multifactorial origin, which means that the symptoms are a combination of genetic factors as well as the environment. This marker is part of a panel of genetic factors influencing the resistance. For each genetic factor of a multifactorial disease, the desirable genetic variant is indicated as 'K/K'. Animals carrying one copy of the undesirable genetic variant are indicated as 'K/E', whereas animals carrying two copies of the undesirable genetic variant are indicated as 'E/E'. Carrying any copy of the 'E' may lead to susceptibility.


Omia: 1694

Pubmed: 22291605