S905 Scrapie Susceptibility – Sheep

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Breed:  Île-de-France, Romanov, Suffolk
Sample material:  Blood EDTA, Blood Heparin


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The disease known as Scrapie is a TSE that affects goats and sheep. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) are slowly progressive, fatal neurodegenerative diseases which affect a variety of mammalian species. In addition to causing neurodegeneration, they are characterized by formation and accumulation of protease-resistant prion protein mainly in the central nervous system.

In sheep, several different mutations to the gene PrP are known to be relevant. In various combinations, these mutations can greatly influence a sheep’s level of resistance against the disease. The combinations analysed in this test are charted below:

ARR/ARR Resistant
ARR/AHQ Resistant
ARR/ARQ Low risk
ARR/ARH Low risk
AHQ/AHQ Low risk
ARQ/AHQ Low risk
AHQ/ARH Low risk
ARH/ARH Low risk
ARQ/ARH Low risk
ARR/VRQ Low risk
AHQ/VRQ Low risk
ARQ/ARQ High risk
ARQ/VRQ Very high risk
ARH/VRQ Very high risk
VRQ/VRQ Very high risk


Chromosome: 13

Gene: PRNP

Mode of Inheritance: Unknown

Organ: Nervous system

Sub-organ: Central nervous system


Year published: 1990

Additional information

An animal’s vulnerability to the disease can be influenced by a number of genetic and environmental factors.


Omia: 944

Pubmed: 8094373; 1969635