V582 Animal Growth CCKAR179

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In pigs, the gene for cholecystokinin type A receptor (CCKAR) is associated with animal growth via physiological control of feed intake, hunger fulfilment, and obesity.

There are two variant mutations known to affect feeding in pigs: one to amino acid 179 (CCKAR179, analysed in this test) and one to amino acid 471 (CCKAR471). Both mutations can be useful for reducing production costs for pigs.


Chromosome: 8


Mode of Inheritance: Autosomal Dominant

Also known as: CCKAR

Organ: Multiple systems


Year published: 2006

Clinical Features

CCKAR179 can have either an A or G allele. With at least one copy of the dominant G-variant, pigs have on average 5 percent higher daily feed intake, 3 percent higher daily gain and 3 percent less time to reach a weight of 180 kg compared to animals which are homozygous for the A variant.

Additional information

Meat quality is based on many factors. It is influenced by postmortem tenderization, which is a complex structural and functional process that depends on species, genetic background, metabolic status of the animal antemortem, the protein complement of the muscle, and environmental factors.


Pubmed: 16951077