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VHLGenetics has become renowned as a market leader in non-human genotyping services. Our offerings include parentage verification and DNA tests for genetic disorders and traits in both livestock and companion animals. Additionally, VHLGenetics provides customized plant genomics projects, supporting clients with peak season demands and routine plant sample typing.

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About VHLGenetics

VHLGenetics was founded in 1986. Over the course of three decades, VHLGenetics has become renowned as  a market leader in the field of non-human genotyping service laboratories. Our tailor made solutions for large business-to-business organizations combined with in-depth technological and market knowledge contributed to global success. The organizations extensive expertise in DNA genotyping is very well reflected by the payoff ‘DNA is Our Core’.

VHLGenetics has the availability of state-of-the-art equipment, including capillary electrophoresis, rtPCR, KASP, Illumina BeadChip genotyping and Genotyping by Sequiencing using ApliSeq Technology. As a company with its focus on non-human genetic applications, VHLGenetics is used to work routinely with a wide variety of sample types, including blood, blood-cards, hair roots, tissue, (ear)biopsies, semen, seeds, plants, food, feed and many more.

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New DNA test: Demetz Syndrome (AZ, Axonopathy) in cattle

Demetz Syndrome is a form of degenerative axonopathy (AX), a severe neurological disease characterized by muscle weakness, loss of coordination, …

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Dutch Kennel Club

DNA tests in collaboration with Raad van Beheer

Our new corporate website is launched! After a period of development and optimization, our new website is now online.

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New corporate website

Our new corporate website is launched! After a period of development and optimization, our new website is now online.

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Branches & distributors

Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium B.V.

Agro Business Park 100, 6708 PW
Wageningen, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 317 416 02 
CoC: 09112692
VAT: NL8088.07.973.B01

Certagen GmbH

Marie-Curie-Strasse 1, D-53359
Rheinbach, Germany
+49 (0) 2226 871600
CoC: Bonn HRB 14504
VAT: DE247730580


ScandiGen Lab

Holsetgata 22, NO-2317
Hamar, Norway
CoC: 987709324
VAT: NO987709324

Dr. Van Haeringen Polygen B.V.

Kasteellaan 7, 2390
Malle, Belgium
 +32 (3) 309 16 58 
VAT: BE0478715982


Luis Mansilla 2, Local 7
ES-28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid), Spain
+34 918 457 199 
VAT: ESB81246464


Xenogenetik Biotechnologie GmbH

Wr. Neustädter Straße 47
2540 Bad Vöslau, Austria
+43 676 9289323
CoC: 302300106
VAT: LT100006751116

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